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Relief Balm


Vertly works with local Northern California herbalists and farming collectives to grow fresh herbs that undergo a weeks-long extraction process, slowly infusing their powerful nutrients into their potent oils.  Combined with their signature CBD, they create soothing blends that bring relief and results, naturally.

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-150 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Cannabinoid Extract:This complex mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential nutrients, amino acids and proteins work synergistically to help calm, soothe and reduce tension in the body.

-Arnica Flower: Supports healthy muscle & joint flexibility, and relieves muscle strains and tightness.

-Magnesium: One of the three essential minerals for all body functions, it can help with muscle recovery.

-Peppermint Hydrosol: Invigorates the skin while helping fight bacteria, body odor and inflammation.

-Aloe Vera: Hydrates & refreshes the skin, reduces redness & itchiness and promotes skin regeneration.

-Lavender Oil: Is incredibly calming, helps reduce nervous tension, enhances blood circulation and relieves joint pain.

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