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 aka, the van life startup

First, you must know something. As I’m writing this “startup story,” I’m actually sitting in my camper in a driveway in Jackson Hole, WY. I’d like to think Ernest Hemingway once sat contemplating his life like this, but ol’ Ernest could probably have grown a beard and I, admittedly, cannot. It may not be glamorous, but no startup story ever really was. In reality, it’s only one step removed from the classic ‘we started in a garage’ story (or maybe ten steps…depends how close I’m parked). There—I said it: I live in my camper. Classic millennial, I know.

Why am I here? Hell, that’s a good question, and these days, I’ve got an answer. I’m here because a fire was lit under me, and like any sane human with a fire under their ass, I had to move…quickly.

That fire came in the form of leaving a business and nearly breaking my hip after hitting a tree while snowboarding, all within the span of a few weeks. Searching for something, anything, to help me calm down and relieve the pain, I discovered CBD.

Though I had a possible solution to my problems, CBD was nowhere. I found myself knocking on the door of a random home in Salt Lake City looking for some tincture, then making my way to a water store off of a random tip (I didn’t even know a water store was a thing). I went home with a few lone bottles of tincture that had been tucked away on a shelf and in that moment, I realized there was great potential. 

Sure, you could buy CBD through some strange online stores and at head shops but it seemed out of reach unless you really went looking. I envisioned a place to buy CBD that resonated with me—a place for people who spent time outdoors, who cared about their health, and who didn’t want to sort through heaps of junk to find good products. 

Two months later, I set out to create exactly that. A curated store that had only the best products, helped educate people on the benefits of CBD, and featured stories and trip reports from all my badass friends. SILVARA was born. Why SILVARA? Because it sounds shiny and fancy and the domain was $11.99.  

From there, the hustle began in true bootstrap fashion, and slowly the team has grown. Alex joined in to ship boxes, Will generously gave us photos, and Massimo came on for PR. I learned the Adobe Suite and how to incorporate a business while Molly worked on the brand story. JP taught me about the consumer funnel while Jenna built the website and I cursed payment processors. We still look out of the windows of our co-work space and dream of a real office, but for now it’s good enough.

Today we launch, officially. It’s nerve-wracking, sure, but so is dropping into a new line or catching your first wave. Can I tell you how it’s going to end? I’m not exactly sure, but I can sure as hell tell you where we’re aiming. 

Forward we go. 

At SILVARA, we aim to keep you moving through the finest offering of CBD products and educational materials. Our goal is goal is to inspire, educate, and curate the finest selection of CBD available anywhere.